Episode 3

Published on:

13th Apr 2021

Daiana Vaisman Dreams of Finding Peace in the Present

An Argentine rock song dubs Buenos Aires “The City of Fury” and Diana Vaisman has lived through it all! From being bullied as a child for being tall and wearing glasses, to a debilitating spine injury as an adult, to the ever-present ups and downs of inflation, to the pandemonium of the prolonged pandemic that required her to postpone her wedding, she has seen more than her fair share of chaos.

This external turmoil moved her to seek a deeper, more internal peace. This took a number of different forms from therapy, to the community she found in her tae kwon do classes, to a number of different artistic pursuits. This resulted in a shift where Daiana looks less to find fulfillment in her plans for the future, and more to savor the simple pleasures and appreciate the joys of today, particularly her physical and emotional health.

Today, Daiana loves all types of creative endeavors and is an avid baking enthusiast. She has come to understand that she doesn’t have control over what the universe may throw at her and what may happen to her body, yet she finds a sense of agency in intentionally choosing how she wants to nourish herself. She also delights in the culinary process; from figuring out a way to make something delicious based on what she has on hand, to savoring the meditative flow as she folds, kneads, whips, and rolls, to feeling the love when she shares her food with the people she cares about.

As for her wedding, her plans have changed a number of times and the details are still up in the air, but the quarantine has brought her and her partner even closer together so it’s a matter of when not if. 

You can see what she’s up to in the kitchen on her Instagram @migatococinero.

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Hi, I’m Misha Chakrabarti, and I love to talk about dreams. On this podcast I have authentic conversations with people living with purpose. We’ll speak candidly about the joys, woes, laughs, traumas, and mishaps on the not-so-straight and narrow path to manifest a full and vibrant life. We’ll hear stories of the vulnerable moments of stepping out of the shadows and into ourselves. We’ll feel the full range of human emotion and maybe even connect more deeply with ourselves and the world around us. Along the way, I’ll look to answer questions like “how do we discover our passion,” “how do we find the courage to follow our hearts,” and “how do we keep the faith?” Taking the first step to awaken your dreams can be daunting, but sharing our stories we do not walk the road alone. To hear the podcast in Spanish search “Despertando Sueños con Misha Chakrabarti”.

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Misha Chakrabarti

After a comfortable yet constrictive childhood Misha carried on carelessly to a corporate job in Boston. Then a month-long quarantine post-surgery gave him the space to step back with intention and reflect on what he truly wanted and what would make him happy. A few months later, he followed his heart and backpacked through South America, later taking a leap of faith to relocate to Buenos Aires, where he lives currently.

Now he's a speaker, podcaster, comedian, and coach. He wants to help you awaken your dreams, connect with yourself and others, and live vibrantly.